When we went to Borneo as a family I think we all knew we'd be wowed by seeing orangutans in the wild and pygmy elephants so close we could almost touch them; what we didn't realise was how awe-inspiring the jungle would be and how eye-opening it would be to spend time with a remote tribe. At a stage in family life when it often feels we'll never reach a consensus about anything, this holiday definitely gave us all a renewed sense of wonder!  See below for some of our itinerary hightlights.”

Alice, ETG Family Travel Expert




1. Kota Kinabalu

Experience a different side to Kota Kinabalu by delving into the vibrant night markets, tasting delicious freshly-caught fish grilled in the local style.


2. Jungle Experience

Take a traditional longboat to hidden waterfalls and explore mysterious caves. For something really unique, you could also meet with the indigenous Murat people who will share tales of their headhunting ancestors - an experience bound to astound even the most jaded teenager!


6) gaya island (2)
4) kinabatangan (3)
Kinabatangan river joruney
Beaches near Gaya Island off Kota Kinabalu


3. Batu Punggul

A 4-wheel drive will allow you to reach this astonishing limestone pinnacle in the wilderness. Intrepid families could even sleep in hammocks under the stars.


4. Kinabatangan River

Weave down the evocative Kinabatangan on a small river boat for the best chance to glimpse primates and pygmy elephants.


5. Kinabatangan Wetlands Resort

This resort is surrounded by unimaginable beauty. Here you can view birds and monkeys without even leaving your chalet.


6. Danum Valley 

Have your binoculars at the ready as your expert guide leads you to the canopy of the 130-million-year-old rainforest, where you’ll have the chance to spot a myriad of wildlife including orangutans. Sleep close to nature on the edge the forest in an active field centre.


7. Gaya Island Resort

Time for a bit of luxury at your beach resort in Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park. There's something to suit every member of the family here, however they like to relax.


5) danum (3)
Danum Valley Views


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This is by far the best travel booking experience I have had, and I go on holiday 3-5 times a year. ETG seem to want the customer to get the right holiday - not just get the booking and shoehorn me into a ready-made itinerary they have done hundreds of times before. This takes time - and they always seemed to have time for me and my booking.”


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