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This year, wherever you decide to travel: get an inch off the map.

Go to lesser-known Koh Ker instead of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Climb Pidurangala rock rather than Sigiriya in Sri Lanka. On the map, they’re just an inch apart - but these little twists will give you a unique perspective. Step away from the crowds; turn left when everyone else turns turns right. This is your guide to better travel in Asia for 2019.

Choose the kind of holiday you’re looking for, and we’ll share some distinctive inch-off-the-map holiday ideas tailored to your travel style. Remember, though, these are just a starting point: your holiday will be built entirely from scratch, exclusively for you.

Our Ultimate Holidays 

Do you like to take in the main sights, but delve deeper too? Discover our pick of 3 holidays that capture the spirit of a destination, from a distinctive perspective.

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Eschew the tourist trail. Immerse yourself in worlds unknown. These journeys are perfect if you’re visiting a country for a second time, or just always prefer an offbeat adventure.

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Family adventures that are packed with incredible experiences, from riding Vespas to spotting wildlife on safari. Discover our top 3 family holiday ideas in Borneo, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

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